Efficient Heating, Fuel & Emergency Delivery Services

When it comes to home heating, off- and on-road low-sulfur diesel fuel, emergency delivery
services, and everything in between, the experienced professionals at Teslovich Oil are the ones to
call! We also supply tanks and pumps with fuel on-site, so you can rely on us for virtually any oil or
fuel service you may need. Since 1985, Teslovich Oil has been providing Uniontown, Pennsylvania,
and the surrounding areas with the best services available. If you are looking for efficient fuel
services that you can depend on, contact us today!

Equipment used to harvest oil for Teslovich Oil in Uniontown, PA

Proudly Accepting Home Energy Assistance Benefits

For the convenience of our customers, we proudly accept Home Energy Assistance in the state of Pennsylvania. Because the state
is located in Northeastern United States, winter months can be especially cold. Keeping your family warm during these colder seasons is one
of our first priorities, regardless of your circumstances. We are available to provide any customer with top-of-the-line oil and fuel delivery
services in many areas, including Uniontown, Washington, Connellsville, Canonsburg, and countless other regions in Pennsylvania.

Prompt Emergency Fuel Delivery
Services for Southwest Pennsylvania

If you are in need of emergency fuel delivery, Teslovich Oil is the company you can rely on. With
our prompt, efficient services, you can rest assured that we will be there to provide you with
quality fuel whenever and wherever you need. We offer both on-road and off-road low-sulfur
diesel fuel delivery, home heating oil delivery, tank and pump fuel delivery, and much more for
anyone in Fayette or Washington County, Pennsylvania. As one of the most trusted and
dependable fuel service providers in Southwest Pennsylvania, our dedicated experts provide each
and every one of our customers with the best oil and fuel deliveries in the area.